BLG 307 Lecture Notes - Interleukin 10, Natural Killer Cell, Gata3

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Published on 28 Jan 2013
antigen recognition does not occur at site of entry, but usually in lymph nodes/spleen
activated T cells then migrate to target tissues
IL2R – complex of αβγ that associate non-covalently
essential for immune function, as its chains are involved in MANY ILR’s
IL2 is not absolutely necessary b/c other cytokines can replace function
ag:MHC complex binding to TCR triggers IL2R assembly/synthesis
ensures that IL2 only activates clonal expansion of ag-specific cells
ag:MHC complex binding to TCR can also stimulate IL2 SYNTHESIS
some cells can make IL2 autocrine/endogenous can be used
can’t make IL2 paracrine/exogenous IL2 necessary
other IL’s
IL4 – growth factor, similar to IL2
IL7 – growth factor for immature T cells (CD4-, CD8-) in thymus
produced by thymus stromal cells
ILR’s are coupled to tyrosine kinases
Jaks phos. STATs (TF’s)
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