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Lecture 5

CMN 279 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Narrative Structure, Eye Contact

Course Code
CMN 279
Dianna Nubla

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1. CMN 279 – Lecture 5 February 25,
Module 4/5 – Social media message
3 parts involved
Part 1: Draft (1%)
o4-6 sentences
oResponding to social media post
oDraft due by next class (Thursday March 3rd, 2016)
oDigital submission through D2L
oHard copy submission
Part 2: Peer editing (1%)
oWill need hard copy and form (peer editing worksheet)
Part 3: Final submission and rational (4%)
oRational – showing what changes you made
oOnly need a digital submission
XCabber – Main concerns
1. Price - “price flux” = higher demand and higher price*
2. Wait – Was quoted 10 minutes and the actual time was 30 minutes*
3. Car condition – Smelled like vomit and smoke. The car was a lite not a luxury*
4. Additional are traffic, allergies to nuts (uber generally provides water but not generally a
snack), could mentioned how the driver made a comment about the girlfriend
[Salutation (Hi Tom)],
INTRODUCTION: (1-3 sentences)
Thank Tom for feedback
Can apologize “apologizes for your experience”
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