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CMN 124
Carolyn Meyer

Lecture #5 Chapter 7 – Negative Messages Apple Maps Message:  Buffer – neutral statement at first – not the negative message first  Explains the problems  Message doesn’t implied ------- Powerpoint Lecture #5 Reaction Subject Lines:  Layoffs Possible – not direct  Oops, we’ve made a horrible mistake - not serious  Suspected Stolen Equipment – accusatory  Rats in our building! – scary Feelings: – Scary – Shock – Angry Communicators must know – provoke a negative raction (disappointment or anger) from the reader o implications of the news o right strategy for giving bad news o the desired outcomes o apologies must be strategic (not providing doc of an error) Plan ahead and consider – -impact your news will have on the recipient, the organization and yourself – -getting all the facts first and getting them right – -right documents – Right channel to deliver bad news Primary - present bad news clearly, concisely and respectfully - help the reader accept the bad news - -balace business decisions with sensitivity to the reader - maintain and build the readers goodwill Secondary - build a good image for the writer and the writer’s company - protect the writers and company for possible legal liability - reflect promptness and consideration by delivering the bad news at the right time - balance business goals and sensitivity of the reader Tone in negative message - reduce the number of writer-centred phrases - avoid using “you” in an accusatory way – lack of skill/education made - avoid hinting with phrases such as ‘sorry’ ‘I regret’ or ‘ unfortunately’ - use positive Direct approach bad news messages - bad news expected - readers pretence for directness - bad news is not detrimental or serious - announcing policy decision - dealing with clients who prefer directness - bad news to subordinates - ensuring bad news not ignored  provide a simple statement of bad news – clear and brief  offer a
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