CPS 393 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Hierarchical File System, Bourne Shell, List Of Unix Commands

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Lecture 1: History of UNIX, features and common commands
Lab: ENG 201
Wed, May 4th ONLY: Meet at Lab for orientation at 6pm; Then lecture till 9pm & lab from 9-10pm
For assignments 1 & 2: have to prepare a mini-presentation to simulate a customer interaction — demo-
ed in class
possibility of remote access
Where is UNIX popularly used (not on the exam)?
Many web servers run UNIX based systems: Apache (behind the scenes)
engineering workstations, eg: linux, CAD, Sun
embedded devices (eg: TiVO, routers, etc) <- called embedded bc they don’t have a traditional computer
interface even tho they have similar OS
Android OS - based on the Linux kernel
A brief history of UNIX (not on the exam):
developed in Bell labs in NJ
invented the transistor, which burgeoned further innovation in tech
AT & T + General Electric: working on Multics, which went over budget and project was shut down
this was continued, and a basic OS was built
~1970, developed the first version of UNIX. Written in Assembly on a PDP-11 computer
1973, re-wrote the OS in C language <- version 3 on Interdata 8/32 computer
1975, v5-6, AT & T/Bell labs licensed this to Universities
1979, v7, from which all major future releases were derived (e.g.: Xenix, BSD, System V)
A brief history of Linux (not on the exam):
Linas Torvalds - Finnish-American software engineer
1991 - personal project - “UNIX-like” OS
distributed this freely
What is UNIX (not on the exam)?
operating system (OS)
a special program that manages resources on a computer system
storing info in memory
disc drives
terminal: keyboard + monitor/ access method
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