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Lecture 8

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Ryerson University
CRM 100
Tsasha Awong

CRM 100: Lecture 8 Arbour Commission of Inquiry  CSC violated due process rights and other legal rights of inmates  Policy says, when a woman is taking into segregation, she must be strip searched, and all weapons must be seized. None of these women were strip searched before or during segregation  Women in segregation have the right to legal counsel and must be notified of this right. These women were not notified until professionals came in, and they were told they would only get ten minutes to call their lawyer if they’re well behaved  They were taken the right to exercise for a month then afterwards were told they get exercise if they maintain a clean cell, making exercise a privilege even though it was a right  You cannot have cross-gender strip search unless woman officer cannot be found and if it was a life-threatening situation or if evidence would be lost. In this case, none of this happened, but they still used males Role of Correctional Services  Administer the sentence imposed by courts  Protect the public  Encourage offenders to alter behavior & acquire pro-social skills  Provide safe & healthy environment conducive to reform Challenges to Treatment in the Framework of the Prison  Prison as a ‘total institution’ o They work together, they sleep together, all in one, all the time o Ex: Prisons, mental health asylums, some retirement homes  Marginalization of inmates  Difficulty of ch
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