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Lecture 4

CRM202: Week 4 (Feb 7) - The Pickton Murders.docx

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CRM 202
Tammy Landau

CRM202 – Week 4 th Thursday, February 7 , 2013 The Pickton Murders The Social, Political and Legal Context - large numbers of women reported missing from the Downtown East Side in Vancouver - socioeconomic status of that neighborhood - poorest postal code in Canada - disproportionate numbers of sex-trade workers and drug users - over and under policing [under policing in the terms of not enough police protection like we would expect here in Toronto; under policing in the fact that the neighborhood was poor, and are over-policed] - nature and types of other social services - “expectations” of the lives of women living and/or working in the DES [“when you live this kind of life, you should expect the violence and the drug use that comes with it”] The Investigation - police didn’t take action on reports of missing women for many years. Why? Were they “missing” or on benders or simply didn’t want to be found? [Police were finally able to search the farm due to a tip from a former farm associate when Pickton wasn’t expecting them and had to do so in a time limit of the warrant; the farm became a great excavation site due to the abundance of evidence on the farm upon arrival] - early on, Pickton was charged with one count of attempted murder against a sex trade worker who also had a drug problem. The charges were dropped because the Crown did not believed it could get a conviction based on her testimony - when the police did finally get a search warrant, it was as a result of an informant who told them of weapons on the farm - the farm became the largest crime scene in Canadian history, with the largest number of “technicians” - most of the missing women were identified by DNA, although there was a considerable amount of their personal effects also found on the farm - Pickton was originally charged with 27 counts of first degree murder, but one count was eventually dropped because the identity of the victim could not be identified. He is suspected of murdering up to 49 women [the first 6 murder c
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