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CRM 204
Smita Tyagi

CRM 204 –Criminal Justice Research and Statistics (October 31st, 2012) Program Evaluation – What does it mean? “Systematic collection of information about activities, characteristics of programs to make judgments about the program, improve program effectiveness and/or informal decisions about future programming.” - Textbook: Pg. 343. Examples of programs: Drug rehabilitation, MADD, drug treatment court, Alcoholics Anonymous, welfare, funding programs, counseling services, education or awareness, etc. - Needs to be empirically-driven; CANNOT be based on opinion, etc. Evaluation Basics - Inputs: Resources, raw materials, clients and staff that go into a program (go to City Hall to witness cases, must have an appointed/appropriate judge) - Program process: Complete treatment or service delivered by a program (attendance in a class, getting monetary assistance, residence in a new housing situation etc.) - Outputs: Services delivered (# of clients served, meals delivered, officers trained, arrests made etc.) - Outcomes: Impact of program (improved test scores, lower rates of poverty etc.) (something that’s measurable) - Feedback: Information about service delivery that is available to program inputs - Stakeholders: Individuals or groups who have some basis of concern with the program (who is impacted by this? Who cares about this?) Evaluations are empirical and data driven! - Judgment oriented evaluations (does this particular program/idea have merit? Ex: Program for poor, capable students to get in, and finish school = good idea) But, 10 years later, the kids aren’t involved in jobs related to their school degrees, what now? Value + ideology, it all depends on what you are measuring. (Is the money well spent? -> no, their jobs have nothing to do with university, scrap the program) (Did the education do something for them? -> yes, it teaches them regardless, and groomed them to be a part of society, continue the program)
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