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CRM 312
Stephen Muzzatti

CRM312-011: UNIT 4 th Week 6: October 7 , 2013 “Criminalization of Women” - For most of history, transgressive, deviant behaviour was explained predominantly by placing blame on supernatural/metaphysical forces until the Enlightenment Era  These forces took two routes: possession (literally control the body and making them perform the crime, even though this was considered rare) and enticement/temptation (luring someone into committing the crime)  Enlightenment thinkers began to think they didn’t exist - Criminology has always been gender-blind (as in, gender has been absent from analysis, simply not factored in)  Criminology has literally been man-made: it is male researchers writing about male behaviour and assuming they are writing about the entire population - In the 1970’s – 1980’s, the emergence of feminist criminology brought people’s attention to the gender-blindness and the irony in which gender dynamic may be absent from criminology but is very prevalent in society/social structures - Even to this day, modern carnates of “the devil” are still male -> male physiology - The idea, however, is still not that “men are bad” but rather “men are listening to bad women” which has stemmed from early religious texts that have been reproduced in modern age  Medusa, from Greek mythology (victim of rape, turned into a monster)  Eve, from biblical text (she was the one who ate the forbidden fruit, caved in to temptation, not Adam, the male)  Pandora’s Box (was never told why she couldn’t open the box, simply expected to obey)  Elizabeth Bathory (“Blood Countess” and said to have murdered over 650 people, also said to be the inspiration
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