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ENG 108
Hyacinth Simpson

Eng108 07/11/2011 16:14:00 ← Tempest ← ← Interpretation: • Fantasy, magical, supernatural, metatheatrical • Postcolonial (race and imperial relations) ← Therefore: ROMANCE ← ← What is a Romance? • One of Shakespeare’s last plays • Ex. Star wars, good and evil, supernatural, prince and princesses • Particular kind of comedy • A happy ending with an unusual parallels route • The action involves a mores desire or fulfillment • An adventure story, takes us into another world to experience something new • Main characters must experience some hazards/trials and lead to success • Prosperos underwent a series of hazards (had to take his daughter through a storm living on an island, taking his duke ship away from him), these lead to success and reward (Prosperos gets married to the king of Naples, and his duke ship) • The fundamental action is covered by darkly covered by tragic events • Foreground to lead to romance: o Storm: metaphorical (pathetic fallacy) • Themes: o Usurpation/dispossession: Storm (reverse the process and restored through magic) o Restoration o Reconciliation o Forgiveness • Orcastrates: Prosperos ← ← Characters • Prospero • Caliban o Non-human o Lizard like, monster, animal o Act 1 scene 2 (line 450)  Miranda speaks: “The three men I’ve seen in my lifetime.” (Refers to Prosperos, Ferdinan, AND Caliban)  Therefore we can say that the way he is proceeded by the characters who he really is.  (Line 340) Miranda speaks: Never directly says he tried to rape her. Says that he deserves to be in isolation.  Accusation so Prospero says so he could take the island away from island. • Miranda • Ariel ← ← Prospero’s Daughter ← ← Genre: ← Novel signals it relationship to the play by intervening the generic structures? • In a romance there is always some kind of conflict, and a conclusion that brings everything together. This rehabilitates the characters for the characters who have done wrong. Reconciliation and forgiveness. Is the final ending to our satisfactory? • Intervening: the resolution the play gives us. ← Characters: • Dr. Gardener: Prospero o Change of name connects to the themes  Could not return to England because that world no longer exists, the only one that matters was the one on the island where the colonial and racial meanings no longer had any significance. He had to kill himself. • Virginia
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