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Lecture 8

ENG 110 Lecture 8: Green Grass Running Water, Hamlet and Diamond Grill

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ENG 110
Jonathan Rollins

Lecture 8 Green Grass Running Water, Hamlet and Diamond Grill Green Grass, Running Water Continued • Stories we tell become reality • We cross reference things in our mind that we have seen/heard • Tells a truth that are given in a Hollywood country in the 20 century • Almost encyclopedic in nature: several narratives • Pg 402, 407 references to lake: red pinto, blue Nissan, karmann ghia reference to American identity and Christopher Columbus contact • 414: sailed over edge of the dam sailed over edge of the world: you crossed the ocean you fell off • Lots of reference to Charlie, Alberta and Latisha watching a Western TV • Hollywood movie on screen represent reality that is not available • It’s the image that people have constructed for you that is important not who you are • 141: Authenticity: what is authentically “native” • 192-193: Question of narrative repertoire and how does Hollywood characterize western cowboys vs Indians • Authority triumphs • Lines on a map will take over lines in reality: division between country map displaces reality • Map shows images of movies and makes it celebration of image over reality • Image is hijacked and tells image over reality • 330: Reversal of fate: Indians win over cowboys • Literary references: bible, early Canadian stories: Suzanna Moody, Pauline Johnson, J Richardson (writes novel about native Canada prior to American revolution in 1800s), A Belaney (remain himself as native) • Intertextual references that are beyond time line: on going story that keeps cross- referencing • Halting flow of water gets rid of native treaty: “green grass running water will keep them safe” • Coyote causing an earthquake= Shiva the destroyer but also creator • Dr. Hobaugh  reference to Jehovah, like God in the creation story of Genesis • Four women help him out to start in Garden • 430-431 Coyote offers apology and then starts from beginning Hamlet by William Shakespeare • Hamlet: illusion vs reality: play within a play fourth wall breaking • Actors in theatre give you everything • Border between conceptions of what the self is and how it is represented on stage and in text • Opens with the question of Hamlet’s madness but keeps asking questions • Presents variety of dilemmas: Orestes’ dilemma kills of his daughter to go to war wife cheats and kills husband but son later kills wife • Concealment: behind an arras, behind a false façade, behind language • Surveillance: Denmark is panopticon: circular prison wherein all cells are visible from a central surveillance tower • Similar to cameras: people regular behavior accordingly because they’re being watched • People are constantly being watched in Hamlet: Hamlet watches others, people spy on Hamlet • Audience also becomes regulator of behavior: Hamlet acknowledges this as well • Hamlet is the only character who conceals himself from us • Speaks through Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to audience • Play and players: question of existence and textuality • Art reflects life but life also reflects art • Theatre constantly puts mirror in front of us via plays and players • In our lives, we create false fronts • “The mousetrap” Hamlet tests the king using the mirror concept: perform a play to get Claudius to admit guil
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