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Family Studies
FNF 100
Dan Mahoney

Is Demography Really Destiny? Family Resilience What accounts why some family members stay healthy and do well in the face of risk and adversity and others do not? Risk /Adversity Factors  Hunger  Disability  Racism / Discrimination  Illness / Addiction /  Neglect / Crisis / Disaster  Abuse / Violence  Divorce  Imprisonment “This capacity [of individuals and families to cope successfully] changes over time, and is enhanced by protective factors in the individual /system and the environment, and contributes to the maintenance of health.” (Mangham, Reid, and Stewart, 1996) New Investigations  Investigate the process by which families are able to adapt and function competently following exposure to significant risk factors or crisis   Families most at risk – poverty, marital instability and family dysfunction Overly Deterministic Theory “Cognition, physical vitality and personality have strong basis in childhood. And yet, children resist and bounce back from harmful experience, indicating ‘resilience’ and ‘plasticity’ in their functioning.” Yaqub, 2002 Thinking More Complexly  How early, under what conditions, and how permanent are developmental failure for children?  Are their ‘sensitive periods’ in early life which make children more or less vulnerable to individual and environmental characteristics? Thresholds Differences  Thresholds in developmental failure may differ between people
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