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Lecture 6

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FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

FSN101 Textiles I Week 6 Weaves Part II LectureBlack square represents when a yarn is warp on surface White squares represent when a yarn is weftFloat occurs when a yarn crosses over two or more yarns in the opposite directionBasket weave always plain weaves multiple yarns being used as one within the weave Creates lots of texture Twill weave the diagonal lines help distinguish a twill weave Wale a raised line within the weave The Twill Repeatdesignated by a fraction22 or 32describes the total repeat of any warp yarnthe first number is the warp yarntop numbernumber of weft yarns the warp goes overthe second number is the weft yarnbottom number number of weft yarns warp goes under Variations in the Twill Weave a balanced twill over 2 warp yarns under 2 weft yarns22 b warp faced twill 2 warp yarns under 1 weft yarn21 c weft faced twill 1 warp yarn under 2 weft yarns12Twillwarp facedweft facedevenright handedleft handedsteepness of the angle 15 27 45 63 75Page 281 figure 1223Behavior of the Twilldurablehides soilstainsmore difficult to clean
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