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Lecture 4

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FSN 101
Sandra Tullio Pow

Textiles Lecture Week 4 Article 32 What is triboelectrification When two different materials come into contact and are then separated one material will become positively charged while the second material will become negatively charged during the separation process This phenomenon is referred to as contact charging of triboelectrification The resulting static charge buildup that occurs can eventually result in a static discharge or spark 3 What is the triboelectric series Whether a material will charge through contact with another depends upon where the material is located in a triboelectric series A triboelectric serious is an experimentally determined tabular listing of materials A triboloelectric table lists substances according to the polarity and amount of charge they receive after coming in contact and separating A material listed high on the table will charge positive after contact and separating from a material listed lower in the table which will charge negative The further apart any two materials are in the table the gr eater the likelihood that a charge will be generated when those materials are connected and then separated The triboloelectric series shows that the type of fiber affects whether a charge accumulate and how much 4 Synthetic materials tend to charge more heavily than natural fibers A high level of charging means
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