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Lecture 3

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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

FSN132 Art History Lecture Week 3Ancient Greece Adams Chapter 5Tests based on lecturesMust pay very close attention to how she uses background information in lectures and how she relates them to the art works Artworks that are not discussed will not be on the exam Week 2 Review Portraits of HatshepsutEgyptian sculptureThe importance of symbolism when she is the pharaoh she had the beard when shes the sphinx she also has a beardDistinctive face Taking on different kinds of role in each portraitZosers funerary complex 2630 BC not in textbook Reed ConstructionMarcus Aurelius AD 164 748Sitting on a horseEquestrian portraitCavalryman Tomb of Emperor QinHierarchical proportions sometimes notHorse was probably represented at the size that it really wasStele of Hammurabi MesopotamianCa 17921759 BC 221Stylized beardPalette of Narmer Egyptian Ca 3100 BC 312Both have profile faces but bodies that show all the limbsHierarchical proportions Naturalism General body and anatomy are accurateShifting view optical vs conceptual Palette of Narmer ca3100 BC 31 2Nebamun Hunting Birds13901352 BC 335
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