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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

Art History Week 10 International Gothic Style -Martini: St. Louis Altarpiece 1317 (12.22) -Life of Saint Denis 1317 (11.37)  drapery falls in a very decorative way -Limbourg Brothers: January Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry 1413-1416 (12.30) -Martini: Annunciation 1333 (12.25) -Comparison of Autun (10.20-10.22) and Giotto (12.9)  Giotto has more naturalism aka more terrifying Bubonic Plague or Black Death 1348 -Gentile de Fabriano; Adoration of the Magi 1423 (13.27) -Cimabue: Madonna Enthroned 1280 (12/3) -Giotto: Madonna Enthroned 1310 (12.4) -linear or scientific perspective (picture plane, vanishing point, orthogonals) -atmospheric or aerial perspective -chiaroscuro, modeling in light and shadow -the concept of “monumentality” -for Altarpieces: diptych, triptych, polyptych -methodology (see blue box pg. 521) -Masaccio Holy Trinity 1425 (13.20 & 13.21) -Uccello: Perspective drawing of a Chalice, c. 1430-40 (13.16) -Mantegna: Dead Christ, 1500 (13.17) -foreshortening done wrong (feet too small and head too big) Revival of Roman Art and Antique Subject Matter -Equestrian Statue of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (7.48) -Verrochio: Colleoni (13.44)  revival of the roman portrait sculpture -Uccello: Sir John Hawkwood, 1436 (13.41) Sacrifice of Isaac. 1401 -Ghiberti (13.3) -Brunelleschi (13.2)  competition at Florence Baptistry  these 2 pieces few that survived  Ghiberti won -Ghiberti: Gates of Paradise (13.10-13.12) -Ghiberti: Meeung of Solomon and Sheba 1450-52 (13.10 -greater relief at the front to shallow relief at the back -Masaccio Brancacci Chapel, Florence 1425 (13.22-13.24)  Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (13.24)  Tribute Money (13.26) -Giotto: Kiss of Judas (12.19) vs. Massaccio: Tribute Money -Giotto able to tell a story with gestures and way figures are looking -Piero della Francesca: Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro 1475 (13.47) representing the figures in front of the landscape landscape going blue in background (atmospheric
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