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Lecture 4

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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Joanne Mc Neish

Next week: store Email [email protected] Suj: Your name, FSN #, store name Contents: store name, contact info, web address, short description, why you choose that store Erin o’b .. Ryerson grad 2003, did a few workplaces: lilli puthats – college (hat) Anny tompson down on queen west Costume collection TA textile class Interned with hat designer 1 year full time – worked Saturdays for 8 years (sew something, have it done in a day vs walmart a lot if computer stuff first Worked at walmart – product developer for womens – swimwear, children sleepwear, athletic wear, outerwear, categorize PD for 6 different at a time: b/g sleepwear, athletic wear women, out Reward: 100, 000 people wearing her peacoat across Canada etc New job Walmart Brand Profiles Ex George: brand essence: modern and contemporary … Shows pictures that demonstrate brand Fashion (smaller quanity, more risky), Fashion Essentials, Essentials (every season with few changes) List key competitors eg sellers, primary banana republice (similar look but lower quality) Focus groups: ask costumers – whether good or bad, they adapt line from comments Gets updates on how products are doing At beginning of the season, looks at stylesite, wgsn. For forecasting color, etc – sees runway shots and has to transfer to walmart style, key items Creates story boards – colors, notions, things from magazines, websites etc – images used not necessarily exatly what designing Sits with buyer, sees how much can make Uses illustrator Walmart is not trendsetting, trendfollowing – trend in 2012, walmart 2013 All Canadian brands designed in Canada Walmart south America china trying india Sends out design of product, sends to different overseas factories and they send back pricing and sample, then decide who they buy from Have to try clothing on model, make changes, send adjustments to company Wash garments three times to make sure they don't shrink Fabric dying: colors have to be exact Snaps, zippers hood etc all diff materials nut need to be the same color Packaging designs, example icons for outerwear (waterproof etc) Visual merchandising: decide where products go in the store Work with marketing to make signs for in store etc Work with pr Sometimes featured in magazines Above erin: VP of clothing VP of product developer -> pD Technicians do fitting and fabric testing etc As students, group projects are good, real life you will work with different personalities Visited denima factory Have sewing machine, put in bin- - saw the amount of labour that went into a small detail -  ex sewing up hem a lot of times to make whiskers - fading is hand done with machine - packaged by size etc overseas vertically integrated spin yarns,dye material, and make garment at same factories some time conveyor belt in some more high tech factories – grap bundle of fabrics, do your task, put back on belt above machine, it moves over to next person sometimes for embroidery, cheaper to embroider some places than sew other visited knitting company- eg argyle, cable knit china- where most textiles made at factories before shi
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