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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

WEEK 9> SAINT-ETIENNE 1067 [10.39] vs. REIMS 1211 [11.32] STE.CHAPELLE, PARIS, 1243-1248 [11.38] vs CHARTRES, 12 -13TH THCENTIES [11.12] KING’S COLLEGE CHAPEL, CAMBRIDGE 1508-1515 [11.48] ITALIAN ROMANESQUE AND GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE PANTHEON, ROME, 117-125 [7.27] STA.CONSTANZA, ROME 350 [8.9-.11] vs OLD ST PETER’S ROME 330-390 [8.5-.6] ST PAUL OUTSIDE THE WALL, ROME 385 [8.8] vs OLD ST PETER’S ROME 330-390 [8.5-.6]  Built at same time as old st peters  Difference between this and the French is that ceilings are wood not stone  Romans did not always vault spaces, especially very large spaces  Roman government basilicas not usually vaulted  Roman basilica has statue of emperor in the apse PISA BAPTISTERY, CATHEDRAL, CAMPANILE 1063-1272 [10.30-.33]  Leaning tower of Pisa in the background PISA CATHEDRAL, 1053-1272 [10.31]  Classical temple?  Typical form of many Italian architects ST-ÉTIENNE, CATEN 1067-1087 [10.39-.41] Vs PISA CATHEDRAL  Few openings  Very tall & rectangular SIENA CATHEDRAL 1284 [11.49] vs S.MINIATO AL MONTE, FLORENCE 1062-1090 (NOT IN TEXTBOOK)  French influenced MILAN CATHEDRAL BEGUN 1386 [11.50]  Verticallicality  No towers, wide, massive windows  Flying buttresses that cant be seen  Compare to Notre Dame, Paris  Always build from east to west FLORENCE CATHEDRAL, BEGUN 1296 CAMPANILE BY GIOTTO 1334 [13.4 &.5]  Florence is the wealthiest city at the end of the middle ages, trying to prove this to everyone else, did this by building the biggest cathedral LEFT: FLORENCE FARAZZO VECCHIO,1298 RIGHT: SIENA 1298 (Not in textbook) VENICE, DOGE’S PALACE, 1420 [11.53]  Impossible for anyone tto invade Venice because you would have to come from boat but venetians could see them from far away TH ITALIAN PAINTING AND SCULPTURE OF THE 14 CENTURE: PRECURSORS TO THE RENAISSANCE PISANO: PULPIT, PISA BAPTISTERY 1259 [12.1]  NATIVITY, PULPIT, PISA [12.2] -Virgin Mary pregnant & has baby -Angels, representation that it took place in a barn -wearing roman clothing Visitation, Reims Cathedral 1225 [11/.35] Florence: Gimabue, Giotto in competition with… Siena: Duccio, Lorenzetti, Martini; International Gothic Style PICTURE VIRGIN ND CHILD, HOSIOS LOUKAS, GREECE 1020 [8.42] vs. GIMABUE: MAD
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