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FIN 300
Jason Chan

A Laymans Guide to Financial TermsProf Jason Z WeiUniversity of TorontoweirotmanutorontocaLast update July 2005Copyright2005Any duplication in part or in whole for whatever purpose must be with the authors consentProfessor Jason Z Wei University of Toronto PrefaceThis guide provides easytounderstand definition and explanation of financial terms arranged in alphabetical order The idea of writing a guide like this was conceived when I first taught an introductory finance course at the University of Saskatchewan in 1992 While lecturing on certain topics I would occasionally observe some puzzled faces upon my mentioning some basic financial terms My private and friendly investigations revealed that students either do not know the terms or have heard of the terms but never really understand their precise meaning For those who are exposed to finance for the first time in their life the textbook sometimes doesnt help either given the sequential nature of knowledge Those observations motivated me to produce what you are seeing now Another perhaps less academic reason for me to explain the terms in laymans language is my encounters with financially curious friends at cocktail parties I would get such basic questions as Exactly what is a derivative security Of course a technical explanation can only confuse the inquirer the end result of which may be increased consumption of alcohol due to frustration not to mention the inquirers unspoken judgment that the taxpayers dollar is totally wasted on this abstract irrelevant and selfindulging professorThe Guide is being updated on an ongoing basis Suggestions are always welcomeI would like to thank all my students previous and current for their usage of the Guide I especially thank those who have provided comments Finally I would like to express my appreciation to my colleague Professor Melanie Cao at York University who has shared the enthusiasm of such an endeavor and given detailed comments and inputs Professor Jason Z Wei University of TorontoList of Terms Included in this Guide Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Accrued Expenses Accrued Taxes American Depositary Receipt ADR American Option Amortization Amortization Schedule Amortized Loan Annuity ArbitrageArbitraging Atthemoney Bank for International Settlements BIS Bank of Canada Bank Rate Bankers Acceptances Basis Points Beta BlackScholes Option Pricing Model Bond Bond Rating Call Option Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation CDIC Capital Asset Pricing Model CAPM Capital Gain Capital Loss Capital Structure Cash Flow Central Bank Clean Price Closedend Fund Commercial Paper Common Shares Compound Interest CompoundingProfessor Jason Z Wei University of Toronto
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