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Lecture 1

RTA 180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Source Music

Media Studies
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RTA 180
Kristin Force

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Mus110 Class 1
Course Outline
Film music and society (question on the final exam)
Introduction- Class 1
Reservoir Dogs (1992)- Terentino Film
- Terntino films usually jumps around
-Music to create the mood
-The song takes out the pain from the torturing
-Was made to enlighten the mood and contrast the scene
-Music matched the mood of the interrogator
-The mood is altered when he walked away
-Music can distance us from the violence
The Natural (1984)-
- Composed by Randy Newman (Composed many disney,pixar films, the natural is the most
Original Scoring- Written for the film
-How often the music is used, what is it’s role etc.
What is the role of the music?
-It is used to connect the past (flashback) to the present
-Childhood theme
-Theme for the childhood Wonder-boy baseball bat, theme for romance, with his girlfriend
-Outline/paralleling image (music outlines visuals) (E.g. When the thunder hits the tree, the
music becomes minor)
Richard Wagner (1813-1883) (19th century, German opera composer) (Powerpoint)
-He coined the term “total artwork” or Gesamitonetwork
-He produced music dramas
- He felt that drama unified the arts
-He combined philosophy, literature, scenery, costumes, lighting acting and music
Wagners most significant contributions to film music
-His ability to achieve musical unity without sacrificing the dramatic flow of the story
-Continuous musical flows
Jaws (1995)
Liteoteef (2-3 notes)
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