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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

GEO 509 Week 10 November 14 th Michilan Guide guide to food restaurants Food is an instrument of socialization - peoples behaviour at dinner table - manors people have - different cultures have different expectations - okay to pick up asparagus with hands - these are not new expectations - people have always been concerned with food behaviours Boke of nurture published in 1460 by John Russell - how to behaviour correctly at table - no guest should scratch as if he is looking for fleas - rude to put elbows on table western english tradition Standards have changed over time - women and men did not sit together until mid 18 centuryth - prior women sat at one end men at other - promiscuous seating, men and women sitting beside each other - napkin over left shoulder because people ate with hands in middle ages - take own utensils with you - born with silver spoon in his/her mouth born into wealthy household - until 15 century in Western Europe ate off of bread, then wooden trentchers occurred Food is an escape - takes you to another place - topics in prison food a lot, meals that had been eaten - in confinement people talk about food as escape Food is magic - pineapple, decorative item - hot cross buns, bring good luck on good Friday Food is clock - defines the seasons - time of planting, time of harvest depending on season - breaks our day, passage of time - daily
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