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Lecture 5

GEO 509 - week 5 notes

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GEO 509
Hersch Jacobs

GEO 509 – Week 5 Notes - Eat varieties of food possible and avoid over eating - Higher mortality rate among men and women whose diet included large amounts of red meat - Large processed meats are being consumed in today’s societies that relate to diseases - Death rates were 12 percent higher for people that consumed red meat - Each serving was tied to 16 percent greater chance of dying from cardio-vascular diseases - 10 percent chance for each addition portion of red meat to be diagnosed with cancer - The more red meat you eat, the greater the risk - Red meat is responsible for 1 in 10 deaths ( stated by an American study ) - Somewhere between 30-40 percent of all the food that is purchased in Britian is not eaten ( British study) - Food is intimate commodity - Eric Blair (George Orwell) – wrote Animal Farm - Dining out in London and Paris by Eric Blair ( a autobiography novel ) - The contamination of food increases with the sophistication of the restaurant - Dangerous food – Sarpa salpa also known as salema porgy: - Is a species of bream ( Romans liked its taste and consumed it as a recreational drug ) - This particular type of fish can cause hallucination ( for upto 36 hours ) - Giardiasis (9000 cases of this particular condition ) - It is caused by a single cell parasite and its found in lakes, streams and ponds (any water body that is contaminated by dogs, beaver etc) - Adulteration – the dishonest marketing of food; selling food to deceive the customers and lying about what it contains - Paprika – central to Hungarian cuisine - Many Hungarians came down with lead poisoning consuming Paprika in the 1900’s - Fredrick Accum – wrote a book called Adulteration of Food and Culinary Poisons – published in 1920 - Late 60’s in Italy – a parmesan merchant were found to have made parmesan cheese from the handles of umbrella (example of adulteration ) - Dead greeks weren’t decomposing - British corpses were worse ( so many chemicals in the body that delayed the decay ) - Fast foods – enormous impact on the north American culture - The real cornerstones of fast foods is not the food but the beverage (soda pop) - 1839 in philadephia – soda pop originated - B
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