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Lecture 3

GMS 401 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Preventive Maintenance

Global Management Studies
Course Code
GMS 401
Wally Whistance- Smith

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Isaiah Ferris Winter 2017
GMS401 Class 3 Notes
Workers execute like machines process
o One of the ways is to have the product flow to him on the assembly line
Any time the worker moves from his spot, it distorts time, efficiency, execution, etc. It
creates chaos
When employers want their workers to become more productive on the assembly line, they
actually want them to work smarter
o Execute new methods
A worker who work in a smart way decreases the vacuum effect that takes the life out of them
and allows them to produce more output while working less
o Creates tension amongst employers and employees
Employees always expect to be paid more when asked to do more
Don't know the difference between working harder and working smart
The difference between the wages and the power of wages is the work that the employee puts
into their work
More production means more work to a worker
o Ever-pervasive attitude that the worker always has
o It is a fallacy
o Takes constant repetition and commitment to make this happen
Better methods equal to better productivity
o Time should be cut by 30%
People sometimes confuse gender with productivity
o Eg: small motor controlled jobs usually go to woman because of their smaller size
Sometimes methods is bigger than skill
o Training trumps talent
Talent brings a diva-like attitude to workers
Makes them become untrainable
You get to an optimized method
o The incremental benefits from optimizing the benefits is more costly than to keep workers
working with the previous optimized method
Good keeps the society running, excellence creates tension in society because we are always
looking for the best talent
Attitude underlies productivity
o People prefer leisure and pleasure when doing work
o They don't want to work anyway
How do we motivate them?
o If they don't believe that hard work does not pay off, then you won't work hard
If someone in the conveyance of reliability lets you down today, they are less reliable
Reliability follows on a continuum
o We can be less than reliable, reliable, somewhat reliable, etc.
o Underlying characteristics of reliability
Abide by what they sate
Reliability seems to have something to do with trust over time
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