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GRA 743 Lecture Notes - Workflow, Graphical User Interface, Intranet

2 pages77 viewsFall 2012

Graphic Communications
Course Code
GRA 743
Chris Kular

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The Future of Unified Workflow
Best if invest in application based other party responsible
o Online based
Customization needs to be monitored security access for users using customizable dashboards
Scalable, adaptable, dynamic, Functionality (live features)
Account expenditure
Mobile applications for on the go productivity
Cost of Manufacturing
PDQ price delivery date quality
Scalable, modular systems
Speed, fast approvals
More accurate use of consumables, fewer reprints
Learning curves
Correct fit, needs to meet your needs one size does not fit all
Easy to use user friendly graphic user interface
Customizable dashboard for each user
Handouts online tutorials for companies that are far away
Minimal required training by professionals
Reduces operator input automate your system, reduces operator error
Reduce anything not connected run length, reduce redundant tasks
Fit your company, modular
Everyone needs to be able to use it (buy-in from users, competent)
Assets all in one place dont waste time searching
Manage your customers, approval
Job track remote access for distant customer approval
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