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Graphic Communications
GRA 743
Chris Kular

GRA 743 – Week 8 Unified Workflow • Business Workflows (MIS) • Colour Workflows (CMM) • Data Workflows (CRM) • Production Workflows (RIPs) More Than Just A Workflow • Process integration is “a holistic approach to process design and optimization, which exploits the interactions between different units in order to employ resources effectively and minimize costs”. • There is more to unified workflow than just process integration. • Process optimization involves “adjusting a process so as to optimize some specified set of parameters without violating some constraint. • The most common goals are minimizing cost, maximizing throughput, and/or efficiency. • This is also part of the concept of unified workflow, but it is only a part. Not Reliant on JDF • Unified workflows are not the same as JDF. – A JDF enabled workflow may or may not qualify under the concept of unified workflows. – JDF can be part of the system – But unified workflows are not reliant on JDF to work the way they are suppose to! • As these systems evolve, JDF will allow them to perform actions and do things in more dynamic ways. AGFA Apogee Suite • Was built upon the solid foundation of a strong premedia workflow. • Is a very popular workflow in Europe, and has had good success in North America, despite strong competition from products like Prinergy. The Apogee Suite main modules: 1. Apogee Publish 2. Apogee Portal 3. Apogee Prepress 4. Apogee Color 1. Apogee Publish – Focuses on creative and content management areas of the workflow (print and web) Contains the following: – Apogee Media – Apogee Secuseal 2. Apogee Portal – Project management tool that is web-based and integrated with the rest of the system – Tools to create and manage users, projects, tasks and messages – Works with Apogee Prepress for job management 3. Apogee Prepress – Manages jobs and pages and prepares them for proof and plate (or alternative output) – JDF/JMF driven – Allows for complex automation of key processing tasks to reduce time and increase productivity – Does everything you would expect a prepress workflow to do: – Preflight,RIP, colour manage, proof, impose, etc. – Has Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) built in to handle complex PDF RIPping tasks (e.g. vector based transparency) 4. Apogee Color – Used for managing colour for both hard copy and softcopy proofs – Built on the philosophy of integration: – Made to work with many different third party solutions so that you are not “tied in” to one specific workflow Summary – AGFA believes in an evolution towards – Software driven, truly integrated manufacturing – They feel we should be able to produce print using the same automated, JIT philosophies of other manufacturing sectors. – It is worth noting that the Apogee Suite does not include any MIS, job planning, or estimating tools. – It is void of the business tools portion of some other systems Heidelberg Prinect – It has been around since the early 2000s – It has developed into a powerful tool for companies all around the world Heidelberg Prinect is broken down into 4 main modules: 1. Prepress 2. Press 3. Postpress 4. Management 1. Prepress • Prinect’s Prepress module is a combination of several tools: – Prinect Archive System – Color Toolbox – Content System – Digital Print Manager – MetaDimension – Package designer – PDF Toolbox – Prepress Manager – Screening Family – Remote Access – Signa Station 1. Prepress Prinect Archive System Increased
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