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Lecture 3

HSM330 Lecture 3 Notes

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Health Services Management
HSM 330
Daolun Chen

Lecture 3 |November 10, 2008 - The joy of stress (Moretta Lorauche) positive ways of stress - If problems effect your mind it will affect your body as well Current events - Geriatricians are a dying breed, field to be interested in - Elderly driver (man in 70s) won a settlement to a car firm, travelled in Doublet and was not allowed to rent a vehicle but was not able to rent a car because he was 75, won a case - Ageism alive and well beyond Toronto - As our population ages, the number of Canadian older people are going to sky rocket - In Ontario drivers of 80 are the fastest growing segment - Elderly in ER are at hight risk to develop deliria and increases chance of dying (Sunnybrook) - In a delirious face it is temporary usually, caused by multitude of factors like medicati
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