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Lecture 4

HSM330 Lecture 4 notes

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Health Services Management
HSM 330
Daolun Chen

Lecture 4 | November 17, 2008 Current Events - In Alberta surgeons are not always following guidelines to maintain infection control - According to this study is not only in Alberta - Hip replacement, cataracts surgery, - Stress of infection we shouldn’t have to worry about - Policies, legislation, protocols all to ensure safety from infections - Have to do a better job - Dr. Andrew Seymour head of Microbiology in Toronto Sunnybrook hospital, according to results in study of Alberta surgeons are not following guidelines that were established to reduce the risk of infection - Orders are not given to antibiotic use, after surgery antibiotic prescription is important not only dosage but also timing - Surgeons that are not complying to protocols that other issues are involved - Side effects: C-deficil - Eg. Body hair being removed with clippers, often times doing it quicker with razors and often leaving gashes which are prone to infection - C. difficile problem in hospitals Lecture - Sympathetic activation physiologically: dilation of pupils, blood flow , happens
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