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Lecture 2

HTT 607 Lecture 2: HTT607_Week2

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HTT 607
Judy Healy

HTT607 – Week 2 7 Steps in Developing an Event: 1. RFP – request for proposal 2. Research 3. Designing the program – submitting the proposal 4. Planning the event 5. Coordination 6. Execution 7. Evaluation Steps 1 & 2 : Event planner has full control and can decide whether to proceed or not. 4 W’s: Who – Special Event Planner What – Different Sectors that use Special Events Why – Various Reasons to hold a Special Event Where – Venues (week 3) Step 1: RFP = Request for Proposal Request – 1-2 page document outlining an event that they, the client, are interested in you planning and managing for them. Proposal – based on this information, the client wants tot see what the planner can do for them.  A document/presentation that: o Showcases creativity and professionalism o Illustrates what you can offer the client o Shows the client that you heard what they want and how you can deliver  Purpose: o For Planner – To get Business o For Client –  To see benefits of hiring you,  Be sure you can deliver their needs and wants,  See how the alignment of objectives will be achieved
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