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Lecture 6

HTA 402 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Flight Attendant, Bas-Intyamon, Air Canada

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Course Code
HTA 402
Michael Smith

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Appendix A- Hiring Smart Individual Profile Table
Strengths Definition / Summary Examples
Optimism Being able to be hopeful and confident for
the future outcome or result
Tendency to have a positive attitude
regarding people and outcomes
Willing to give people a chance to show
their trust to me
No matter what the situation
is in a group work, whether
it's at school or work, I
always try to focus on the
positive goal that we can
obtain from errors
Extraversion Appreciate the opportunity to work in group
Enjoy interacting with others and holding
their attention
Not shy in social settings and thrive in high
exposure environments
I enjoy meeting new people
in my workplace because it
develops my network and it
is important to understand
others when you are
Openness Willingness to try new ways of doing things
I will adapt to new methods when required
even though I prefer traditional methods
I can apply my past
experiences to my
workplace or a project, but
there will always be new
skills that I will always be
eager to learn
Teamwork To work as a group member toward the
attainment of a common objective
Willing to work with others
Comfortable sharing responsibility and
recognition for a project with a group as
long as everyone contributed
I would rather work as a
team than work by myself.
Having other people's
opinion/contribution can
help me think of new ideas.
Non-Strengths Definition / Summary Examples
Adventurousness Seeking out exciting or unusual experiences
I try to keep to my traditional skills because
they have never proven to fail
Afraid that new ideas will result in failures
I try to stick to the original
methods of doing things
because new ideas have
proven to be risky.
Reliability Tendency to behave in an uncompromising
and consistently honest, moral, and ethical
For personal gains, I think it is okay to
misrepresent myself
Sometimes breaking the rules will result in
a bigger accomplishment
Though it may bother my
other teammates, sometimes
I try to discover short cuts
into doing my work to
obtain personal benefits
Autonomy To be self-reliant, self-directed and take
independent action
Always in need of approval or feedback
before I move on
Work more efficiently when supervisors are
Though I try my best to
make my own decisions, I
never know if my decisions
are good unless a supervisor
tells me so

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Appendix B- Informational Interviews
Name: Enney Hoang
Position: Assistant Event Planner
Organization: N/A
When I met them: September 30th, 2015
Questions Answer What I learned
Describe what your
activities would be on
a typical day
check/ respond to emails
update conference websites
check and update registration for
a lot of detailed planning leading up
to the conferences
Different tasks on
different days. Each
have its own challenges
What are your
working conditions
Great, small office. Very small
company with only a few people
very relaxed, can take lunch or a
break whenever but still have strict
deadlines to meet
Working condition is
important because it
affects your mentality
and behaviour
What education is
required for this type
of work?
could take event planning classes
and the HTM program
mainly it is about learning through
Experience is the key in
this industry
What personal
qualities or abilities
are important to be
successful in this
detail oriented
people person
able to work alone and in a team
These are only a couple
of qualities needed.
How did you find
your job?
I volunteered with the company in
the past and she reached out to me
to see if I wanted a job
Increase your network
within the industry
What do you find
most satisfying in
your job and most
Trying to keep up with the
deadlines and being able to keep
track of everything.
There will always be
challenges and having
the quality of
organization is key
What is your level of
freedom to solve
We are encouraged to have our
own opinions and to be able to
solve issues on our own
Be decisive and create
the solution on the spot
Is there a demand for
people in this
I think so events is quite a large
industry. Every organization or
industry will have an event at some
point and there is such a variety.
What are your future
steps in this in this
I would also like to eventually
work in a much larger organization
to see what that is like.
There is always room for
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