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Lecture 4

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

Lecture 4: Electronic Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC): an industry association that educates and encourages e- waste control. Virtual Workforce: working from home... or anywhere via the internet. Types for the Virtual Workforce:  Mobile commerce: Ability to purchase goods and services through a mobile device.  Telematics: the blending of wired and wireless technologies for efficient electronic communication.  Electronic tagging: the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) and the other systems to identify and tracking digital assets. Enterprise resource planning (ERP): integrates all departments and functions throughout an organization into a single IT system so that employees can make enterprise-wide decisions by viewing enterprise-wide information all business operations. ERP is:  Solution to incompatible applications.  Addresses the need for global information sharing.  Avoids the expense of fixing legacy systems. Legacy Systems: are old computer systems that are still in use. Functional Systems: serve single business department or unit. (Read flowcharts from slides) Core ERP component: traditional components included in most ERP systems and they primaril
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