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ITM301 - Notes (Lesson 5)

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

1. TCP/IP Continue 4 2. Network topologies 5 1. DHCP: Is a server designed to assign network nodes required IP addresses. a. DORA 4 steps to assign IP address to a client. Steps: 1. (DHCP Discovery) A client broadcasts: My Ip address is: Who is Who is DCHP 2. (Offer) In Step 2: The Net DHCP offers client an IP from its pool of IPs. 3. (Client Request) Request: The client must accept the offered IP from DHCP(s) (if more than one) 4. (ACK) DHCP acknowledges client’s new IP address (e.g b. By default an IP is assign for 8 days. i. it is client’s responsibility to renew its IP. ii. In Microsoft’s system a client requests renewal of its IP when 50% of lease time expired  4 days. IPConfig /release  Ipconfig /renew  c. If a DHCP Server is not available the client assigns itself an IP of the range: 169.254.x.x (Only # between 1-254) d. APIPA: Automatic, Private IP, Address. The above I
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