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ITM301 - Notes (Lesson 11)

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Information Technology Management
ITM 301
Farid Shirazi

1- Security (chapter 11) 2- Review final exam 1. File security 2. Communicate channel security 3. Internet security 4. Viruses 5. Methods to secure a network 1- File security a. Categories of secure files types b. Rings outside to inside i. Public data web pages ii. Internal files: username + password iii. Certified files (HR): Username + password + permission iv. Server files username + password + permission + certification (encryption + key) c. File security(encryption) i. Encryption is the process of converting plain text data into non-plain text. PKI: public key infrastructure - Contain 2 key, one is public, the other key is private. - These 2 keys are hashed together. Email encryption - There are 2 types of email encryption using PKI or RSA algorithm. a) PGP – pretty good privacy b) SMME: secure multi-purpose internet mail extensions. - There are other encryption methods used by different operating systems. o E.g: DES: data encryption system, 56 bit encryption. o 3DES : 128-bit encryption. - AES: Advance encryption system widely used with channel security, VPN, & IPsec 2- Channel security a. By default all communication channels are non-secure communication (plain text) b. Virtual private network is a method of securing communication channel when using a public network. VPN: There are 2 methods: 1.PPTP: Point – to – point tunneling protocol (modem) - Note PPTP encrypt data with 56-bit encryption method. -IPSec-L2TP: layer 2 tunneling protocol - L2TP with IPsec provides a VPN secure channel by using AES 128 bit Microsoft uses MS-CHAP for client/server authentication’ MS-CHAP v2 is a 2-way authentication channel. CHAP: challenged handshake authentication protocol. Both client & server must be able to authenticate themselves to each other at any given time. - Kerbose protocol: use must be authenticated in domain. Domain does not use chap, they use kerbose. - Kerbose is a domain based authentication. - Back to back firewall is the most secure system An advanced firewall does the following tasks: 1. Block unwanted web sites. 2. Block unwanted IP Addresses. 3. Block unwanted application. 4. Block unw
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