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Lecture 2

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 430
Junlian Xiang

ITM 430 - Week 2 Type of Requirements: FURPS: - Functionality - Usability - Reliability - Performance - Supportability Use Case: A text story of some actor using a system to meet goals. Actor: is anything with behavior that triggers use case execution. – Primary Actor accomplishes goals via use case • Example: the cashier – Secondary Actor provides a service to use case (often a computer system, but could be an organization) • Example: the automated payment authorization service – Offstage actor is interested in use case results • Example: government tax agency Three possible use case formats: • brief format: one paragraph summary usually of the main success scenario Process Sale: A customer arrives at a checkout with items to purchase. The cashier uses the POS system to record each purchased item. The system presents a running total and a line-item details. The customer enters payment information, which the system validates and records. The system updates inventory. The customer receives receipt from the system and then leaves with the items. • casual format: multiple parag
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