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Lecture 1

ITM 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Management Information System, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Security Officer

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 102
Franklyn Prescod

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 Specialized tasks performed by business organizaon consist of sales and markeng,
manufacturing and producon, nance and account and human resources.
 Describes how a company producers, delivers and sell a products or service to create
 Refers to the set of logically related tasks and behaviours that organizaons develop
over me to produce specic business results and in a unique manner.
 Are those assets required to derive value from a primary investment.
 Physical equipment used for input, processing and output acvies in an
informaon system.
 Ability to use computers and related technology e#ciently.
 Consists of detailed, pre-programmed instrucons that control and coordinate the
computer hardware components in an informaon system.
 Fundamental set of assumpons, value and ways of doing things that have been accepted by
most members.
 Raw facts that describe the characteriscs of an event
 Consists of the so'ware governing the organizaon of data on physical
storage media.
 (clerks or secretaries) assist with scheduling and communicaons at all levels of the rm.
 Organizaon where nearly all signicant business processes and relaonships with
customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled, and key corporate assets are managed
through digital means.
!" Private intranets extended to authorize users outside the organizaon.
#$ Output returned to members of the organizaon to help them evaluate or correct the input
and or processing.
% Data that is been shaped into a form that’s meaningful and useful.
% Is a set of interrelated components that collect or retrieve process store and
distribute informaon to support decision making and control in an organizaon.
%Broad-based understanding of informaon systems that includes behavioral
knowledge about organizaons and individuals using informaon systems as well as technical knowledge
about computers.
%&%' Consists of all hardware and so'ware that a rm needs to use it order to
achieve its business objecves.

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%&%' Provides the foundaon or pla0orm on which rms can
build its specic informaon systems.
% Collects raw data or informaon from organizaon, external environment or other IS.
%: Global “networks of networks” to connects millions of di4erent networks together.
% Internal corporate networks based on internet technology.
 (engineers, sciensts) Design products or services and create new knowledge for
the rm.
(&(%' Tries to achieve this broader informaon systems literacy.
Deals with behavioural and technical issues.
( Carries out the programs and plans of senior management.
) Links two or more computers to share data or resources such as printer.
): Consists of both physical devices and so'ware, links
the various pieces of hardware and transfers data from one physical locaon to another.
*: Responsible of daily acvies of the business.
*+Investments in organizaon and management such as new
business processes, management behavior, organizaonal culture, or training.
* Informaon to be supplied to people, or acvies that will use it.
, Converts this raw input into a meaningful informaon.
,- Usually produce the product and deliver the service.
 Make long range strategic decision about products or services and insure the
nancial performance of the rm.
- Opmal organizaonal performance is achieved by jointly opmizing both the
social and technical system Used in producon.
...$ Is a service or informaon provided on the internet that uses universally accepted
standards for storing, retrieving, forma9ng and displaying informaon in a page formats on the internet.
Chapter 2
&,' Is a computerized system that performs and records the daily
roune transacons necessary to conduct business. For example payroll, employee records and system.
 Is a term for data and so'ware tools for organizing, analyzing and providing access
to data to help mangers an others to make informed decisions.
(%&(%' Designates a specic category of informaon systems serving
middle management. For example provides this with roune reports.

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/&): Focus on unique and rapidly changing problems and the procedure for
arriving to the soluon.
!"-&!' Helps senior managers make these decision.
, Uses a web interface to present integrated personalized business content.
$: Displays on a single screen, graph and charts of key performance indicators for
managing decision makers.
! That span funconal areas, focus on execung business process across the
business rm and include all levels of management.
! To integrate business processes in manufacturing
and producon, nance and accounng, sale and markeng, and human resources into a single so'ware
 Network of organizaons and business processes for procuring materials,
transforming raw material into intermediate and nished products and deliver nished products to
&0(' To help manage their relaonship with their customers and
analyze these interacons to opmize revenue or etc.
%/+ They automate the <ow of informaon across organizaonal boundaries
and Link Company to its customers, distributors or suppliers.
 Enables organizaons to be>er manage processes for capturing and
applying knowledge and experse.
!$1$ Refers to the use of digital technology and the internet to execute the
major business processes of an enterprise.
!/ Buying and selling goods or services on the internet.
!/- Applicaon of the internet and networking technologies to digitally enable government
and public sector agencies relaonships with cizen, business and more.
$ Working with other to achieve shared and explicit goals.
 Accomplish specic tasks with a group.
$ The use of social networking pla0orms like Facebook and internal corporate social tools
like blogs to engage their employees, customers and suppliers.
 An integrated audio and visual environment that allows a person to give the
appearance of being present at a locaon other that his or her true physical locaon.
% Organizaonal unit responsible for informaon technology services.
, Highly trained specialists who write so'ware for computers.
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