ITM 820 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Https, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Ipsec

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Week 3 ITM 820
User Authentication:
Remote user
1. Sales person must establish a VPN connection through VPN server using IPsec. IPsec
encryption through L2TP(layer 2 transfer protocol) mode (provides AES encryption
2. VPN server sends username/password to authentication server
3. Domain server checks Users credentials with its own database registration. If it matches
go to step 4, else disconnect user and send activity to log file.
4. Firewall 2 must go through the second phase of authentication by sending user
credentials to database. If permitted, user can access database, if not user will be
Note: we assume that we have 2 factor authentication mechanisms in place.
Client Authentication:
The client needs access to a portion of a database related to supplier’s data.
1. Client access companies web server (HTTP)
2. In order to access company’s resources a client must provide a valid
username/password. Client shifts from HTTP to HTTPS platform (SSL or TLS certificate)
3. Client credentials are sent to authentication server.
4. When authenticated the user info is sent through firewall 2 to DB server
5. Database matches user credentials with DB permission s/he has if permitted. If
credentials do not match user is disconnected and sent to DMZ.
6. Web server converts XML into a web form(table).
7. Client can establish any other comm with DB through XML branded query.
8. If timer expires the client will be auto disconnected and web cache will be deleted
Local User Authentication:
Logon Authentication
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