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Lecture 5

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Law and Business
LAW 525
Gil Lan

Law Lecture 5 • When you buy packaged product, cant see inside till you bought it • Unless a business is required to tell you info they wont • Pre-transaction phase – the phase in which products are manufactured, and packaging and labelling for products is developed and implemented • Law requires bilingualism (in certain basic info) • Consumer packaging and labelling act is enforced by the competition bureau • Section 91 (2) constitution act 1867 reference to gm case for this legislation • (2-24) has the test • Look at definition section • Look at page (5-26/27) • quantity -- labels -- s. 4 • Quantity – Representations – s. 5 • Standardized containers – s. 6/s. 11 • Label -- False/misleading representations– s. 7 • Labels – edible products – servings -- s. 8 • Containers – s. 9 • Exemption on (5-1) • Prohibition (5-23) • Offences and punishment (5-33) • Section 13 (2.1) of the consumer packaging and labelling act- represents an attempt to compromise for b
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