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Lecture 5

Winter Week 5 & 6 - The Canadian Health Care Delivery System: Historical Development, Current and Future

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NSE 112
Liz Scott

Natalia Winter Week 56 The Canadian Health Care Delivery System Historical Development Current and FutureFebruary1110139 PMA Key foundational concepts1 Define key concepts related to the health care delivery system Primary health care publicly funded from general tax revenues without direct charges to the patientSpecialized care at a hospital or longterm care facility services are paid for by the provincial and territorial governments room and board paid by the individual Sometimes these are subsidized by provincial and territorial governmentsOther health care services for certain populations ie drugs dental subsidies provided by provinces and territories 2 Describe key principles of the Canada Health Act 1984 and their implications for health care deliveryPublic AdministrationProvincial and territorial health care insurance plans are administered and operated on a nonprofit basis by a public authorityaccountable to the provincial or territorial government for decision making on benefit levels and servicesrecords and accounts are publicly auditedComprehensivenessAll medically necessary health services of physicians and hospitals are providedUniversalityAll insured residents of a province or territory must be entitled to the insured health servicesprovided by the plan on uniform terms and conditionsEnsures national health care to everyone in the countryNo discrimination according to income age health status etcPortabilityResidents moving from one province or territory to another must continue to be covered for insured health services by the home jurisdictionduring any waiting period imposed by the new province or territory of residenceCanadians who are temporarily out of the country are insured as well but to a pointAccessibilityCanadians should have reasonable access to insured hospital medical and surgicaldental services on uniform terms and conditions unimpeded no matter where they live in CanadaIn addition the health care insurance plans of the province or territory must providereasonable compensation to physicians and dentists for all the insured health services they provide andpayment to hospitals to cover the cost of insured health services 3 Discuss major events in the evolution of Canadas system of health care deliveryBy 1920 health and social programs had expanded and voluntary agenciesformed Such programs were precursors of modern employment insuranceIn 1947 Premier Tommy Douglas of Saskatchewan introduced a public universal hospital insurance plan Medical Care Act 1966 Federal grants were awarded on a costsharing basis with the provinces if programs provided universal comprehensive portable and publicly administered coverage of hospital and physician services Canada Health Actin 1984 which amalgamated the previous acts of HIDSAand Medical Care Actand effectively banned extra billing and user fees Added the principle of accessibilityto the principles of public administration comprehensiveness universalityand portability4 Identify the role of the various levels of Canadian government in the delivery of health services Administration and delivery of health care services are primarily provincial or territorial responsibilities Politics Page 1
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