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Ryerson University
PHL 110
David Chalmers

PHL 110 Reading ListTable of Contents Winter 2012Readings1The First Book of Moses commonly called Genesis Chapters 14 King James translationpublic domain2Averroes Interpreting the Koran Allegorically in David Shantz ed Philosophy and Faith a philosophy of religion reader McGrawHill Toronto 2002 pp 100102 of 586 pp ISBN 00723768993Ludwig Wittgenstein excerptfrom his Culture and Value GH von Wright ed Peter Winch translator Univ of Chicago Press 1980 ISBN 0226904350 p 32 of 94 pp4Sir James Frazer excerpts from The Golden Bough 1922 Wordsworth 1993 ISBN 1853263109 PP 1129 3760 301311 of 756pp5Ludwig Wittgenstein Remarks on Frazers Golden Bough from his Philosophical Occasions 19121951 1993 J Klagge and A Nordman eds Hackettpp 118155 ISBN 08722015466St Thomas Aquinas Five Ways to Prove the Existence of Godin J Hick ed Classical and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Religion PrenticeHall 1970 pp4244 of 558 pp ISBN 1313526957St Anselm Gaunilo Rene Descartes Immanuel Kant The Ontological Argument inSteven Cahn ed Exploring Philosophy of ReligionOxford U Press 2009 pp4755 of 375 pp ISBN 97801053408538Wm Paley The Watch and the Watchmaker in T Reynolds ed The Phenomenon of Religious Faith PrenticeHall 2005 pp 5658 of 468pp ISBN 01304811579Richard Dawkins The Blind Watchmaker in G Kessler ed The Voices of Wisdom Wadsworth 2001 pp 603612ISBN 053453572010Richard Swinburne Why God Allows Evil in Steven M Cahn ed Exploring Philosophy of Religion Oxford U press 2009 pp 109122 of 375 pp ISBN 9780195340853 11James Kellenberger Gods Goodness and Gods Evil in Kellenberger ed Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion ReadingsPearson PrenticeHall 2007 pp328342 of 614 pp ISBN100131517643 12Blaise Pascal The Wager from Yeager Hudson ed The Philosophy of Religion Selected Readings Toronto 1991 pp 245247 of 636 ppISBN 087484959413Friedrich Nietzsche Religion from A Nietzsche Reader RJ Holllindale ed Penguin 1977pp 167193 of 286 pp14Sigmund Freud from The Future of an Illusion in Kellenberger above pp 258264
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