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Lecture 4

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Basic point of Daethema is that love is learning to seek what we really desire (coming to self-king) Begin by seeking the object of love... so you have to refine your sense of what you are seeking, so you rework it and aim at a new object of love (which has more truth but still has something inadequate) and leads you to refine that and aim at a new object of love  Like the cave, has some truth to it, but has a lot of falsity and misunderstanding built in it  Xa-XiXii arrive at X itself Daethema says we speak of a love of some other thing, but we always want to have desire because you yourself don’t have it.  Love is a lack, because it is a desire for something  And it is a seeking of what it lacks  Love is a messenger, like a God/perfection/ultimate reality – divine perfection that bestows gifts on humans  Love is something that brings us a sense of something else beyond this, helps inspire us to attain to that  It helps humans make a connection between us and love  Love is leading us through learning about what is true  Love is in between wisdom and ignorance  What is implied in seeking, is that you know somewhat it is you are seeking, but are also ignorant of it Read 205D in book Talks with Socrates, says if love is seeking what it is good, Socrates isn’t sure about it ... says Happiness? Which is one way of putting the answer, that love is seeking happiness. Daethema says there are lots of ways to get happiness for different peopl
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