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Lecture 15

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Sartre 1) Failure of indifference 2) Sexual desire as an embodiment a. Consciousness desiring an embodiment i. How sexual desire is different from the desire in hunger ii. How desire makes the other fresh (cares) 3) The failure of desire 1) Failure  alone as a subject, living a lie in denial which is shattering when it falls apart, involves locking away a part of yourself a. Oppressor, turning away from getting to learn about self through others b. Sartre emphasizes that you do develop a sense of your own justifiable subjectivity (you are a center of the world) but even though you don’t identify anyone else as a subject, you treat them all as objects, you have this vague sense that you need something beyond me, from reality to confirm that I am who I am, but the problem is that you’ve ruled out anyone else playing that role. You still need that justification but you put others in a place where they can’t give that to you. c. Paranoia  uneasy sense of a wondering in an inapprehensible look i. A need for reality-check 2) the aim of sexual desire is not to possess them as through their bodies, but to their consciousness, you want to be able to encounter them in their subjectivity in their body. You want to draw it within their bodies, an embodied consciousness.
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