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Lecture 19

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Kym Mac Laren

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John Russon cont’d - Co-creation of bond is a becoming / creation of self (+ of other) o We try to make it fit with an external norm o Answerability to singularity of self and other through what’s happening o Reveals how dimensions + possibilities within self o This helps in defining yourself (are we dating? Boyfriend/girlfriend?) o How you define yourself is not through the stories we tell, it is how we ACT / our actions in that relationship o Who you are is through those actions - The bond can be more or less almost about our own freedom, creativity, self- transcending character o It is up to us on how the relationship will look like, how we respond to it o We fundamentally are the freedoms, we are not predetermined to act a certain way, it doesn’t have to take a certain form o Notion of transcending is just this notion of us learning and changing who we are (going beyond what we are)  Dishonest Relationship 
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