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Lecture 9

PHL101 Lecture 9: Intro to Socrates and Plato – the Pre.docx

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PHL 101
Richard Brown

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Intro to Socrates and Plato the Pre- Pre-
The Pre- Socratics
Reason (nous)
Arche: what is the origin/cause of everything?
Socrates – 469 – 399 B.C.E
Lived in Athens for 70 years
Regarded as an ugly person with a snub nose
Walked around Athens barefoot – could bare extreme cold
He could basically drink anymore under the table
Life long democrat
Wife was called Xanthippe Dousing Socrates, Reyer van Bloomindale c.1655,
Wasn’t interested in the question of science, the nature, or physics at all
Also wasn’t interested in meta-physics like Plato was after him.
First philosophy?
Mrysphysics (what is real?)
Epistemology (how do I kno
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