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History of PhotographyMAR8

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MPS 301

th History of Photography Tuesday March 8 , 2011 Women, Feminism and Photography 4 different catagories - Gender - Politicizing the link between public and private - Exloring the terms in whin men and women are depicted in art - Exploring gender, class and differences in people Seen as new ideas in the 1970’s Lecture is divided within 3 parts -Women photographers, Representation of women, Feminist photography Done in chronological order Women have been involved in photography from the beginning Juliet Margaret Cameron 1840’s – Anna Attons - Duck feather Cyanotype Hannah Hoch Jessica Ebbons’ essay – British feminist photographer - More of a socialist take on feminism Hannah Hoch - Marlene Dietrich Fancesca woodman - Went to art school and committed suicide a year after graduating - Parents Italian American Lady Havard - Upper class Victorian photographer - mid 1850’s to her death from influenza - 10 children all photographs about children Lucy Schwave - Highly educated - French, Jewish German - lesbian - Translated and wrote her entire life - Died in the 1950’s - Created self portraits that corresponded with critical feminist ideas of gender Jessica Ebons - Many types of photographer that of under the radar - Family album from the 1950s, women generally in charge of the family album and this is possibly why they were over looked Most of the tradition depiction of women is not how they would illustrate and create themselves - Ang – The source - Depicted with nature and a river - Makes association with women and sources of life - Daguerreotype female nude The adaptation of the feminist movement of the ‘Gaze’ - The ideal of the male gaze - Winnifer The sideways glance David Fern - Men watching women strip Art looking and scientific looking Weston - Photos of Cheri
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