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MPS 301

1965-1975 A large number of things change….. - the intellectual world and modernity changes as the 18 to the 19 century question whether if someone had a belief in science and rationality, could one arrive at a universal truth? - Could this lead to a better world? Art was also asked to talk about everyones personal experiences as to how we are affected by our surrounds - Should address the nature of representation - This period of time was name the POST MODERN period Post Modernism is not what follows Modernism….but, it is a reaction to it In the 1970 the changes are not some much practical but, cultural ones 1)Knowledge of photography is broadened 2)Acceptance of photography 3)Photography emergases as part of the art world ( collectable and valuable) 4) The introduction of colour photography 5) the introduction of different methodologies 1970’s there are explosions of galleries that encompass photography - also, research centres - Centre for creative photography in Tucson, Arizona - Collected and made exhibitions and catalogs Universities taught for commercial purposes only - this then created jobs and different academic material - Elective and humanities courses were not part of the curriculum Beginning of the national endowment for the arts -American government gives out 6 million dollars in support of photography Work became confuses by attempting to look like pictoralist style - however, Paul Strand brought back the more organic versions of photography the 1970’s was a period were many photography books appeared taking different stances on photography Growing types of images, produces for particular
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