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History of Photography November 30, 2010 The applications of photography and their uses The camera obscura -History of its use and the principle of the photographic camera The different ways that the history of photography has been constructed The salted paper negative and the salted paper print did not have the sharpness or the ability to create multiple prints This lead to the era of collodion and the wet plate To 1855 The digital period started in the 1990’s Each of the periods led to each other and bleed into each other through technique and technology Paris 1971 None of the people watching the event were recorded because of how long the exposure was Due to the development of the gelatin negatives this allowed people to record and respond to images much faster This started the stereotyping of portrait making….this meant that the cameras could have many lenses creating many print letting one sitting create many sellable prints This was the start of simplifying the camera so that everyone could use the camera with just clicking the shutter and pointing the camera - This was a huge change in photography due to the increased access Within the 19 century, people wanted to create images that would last without fading and this lead to the development of the half tone process - this use of photographic book was one of the first that required viewers to understand that it was supposed to be a visual piece ( Walker Evans / American People) Portraiture, social, documentary as well as artistry Separate the context of which photographs are made Photographers used to take their cues from the art and its practices almost as a precedent The extremes of photography are the personal and private Such as the erasing of people from an image or attempting to understand th
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