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MPS 301

History of Photography November 2, 2010 Photography made in the 1930’s U.S. During WW1 – Agricultural boom 1920- Recession - Over planting and over farming - Over a million farms make under $200 Dorothy Lang – Tractor out - Rich farm land no longer farm able due as example of recession White Angle Food line - View outside of studio - Started straight photography and first documentary photo Later Roosevelt makes legislation to help smaller farmers Talks about documentary photography conveying information and emotion -“Feels obliged to bring home more than a cold record” - Combination of more than the information but, also the sensory - Concerned with the everyday and converts photographers into historians Photos must be true and unbiased and display the fact in neither a negative or positive bias - Truth can be simulated if your heart is in the right place - Truth seen as relative and flexible - Photography conveying facts and serving need is difficult area (information or propaganda) Arthur Rostein Pregnant woman with small child - Displays problems that farmers and families are facing - Talks to friend and the friend of local desent , friend engages person while he takes pictures - Knows what he is looking for and creates real situation (fabricated reality?) Broken down house with boy - Boy is juxtaposed to create human element - Illustrative of concept than snap shot Illustrative of concept or a constructed bias? Dakota to photograph for government because they wanted to reform the environment - Makes photographs of dead animal skulls and the desert like scenery - Moves skull to grass part of land - Conservatives hear of this and are accused of not spending government money properly - Economist by training and influenced by sociologists - Brief photographer about certain facts and gives them shooting scripts to explain to them what he wanted These demonstrate how people choose to decorate their homes, however, photographer already step into home with a certain mind set The scripts given to photographers change depending on the politics such as agriculture or war Documentary photography was still used as propaganda….. Its is history however there will be no pictures of no events or celebrities Margaret birthright - 1930’s most highly paid and successful photojournalist - Did work largely for Life mag. And corporate photography Book, you have seen there faces - Collaboration with Erksin (novelist writing about south) - for write to demonstrate that his writing is realistic about these people - Shows tenant farmers – also displays plates - Young boy 10-12
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