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Lecture 3

POL 128 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Biological Determinism, Racialization, Chauvinism

Politics and Public Administration
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POL 128
Matthew Flisfeder

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Lecture 03 - Representing Race and Racism
-A forward view on racism
-The lm shows two sides to each character
-Showing the complexity of racism
-Everybody in the lm is both a victim and a victimizer of racism
-Showing corruption in the system, yet the white cop ends up being the victim (the
cop who shot a
black cop)
-Ludacris is a walking contradiction (angry at racism yet follows stereotypes)
-Racism, as portrayed in the movie, is produced by own inability to tolerate
di&erence and other
-Race and racism
-“Racism is not so much a product of the concept of race as the very reason for its
existence. Without
the underlying desire for hierarchical categorization implicit as in racism, ‘race’
would not exist.”
-Biological determinism
-Human behaviour is inherent to our biology
-Behaviour re/ects inborn patterns
-Maintains that human characteristics, such as:
-Sexual preference
-Criminality, etc.
-Are all genetically determined
-If biology does determine human social characteristics
-Biological determinism as ideology
-Biological determinism has long been discredited
-Why is it such a popular ideal?
-Helps maintain the belief that our current social arrangements are unchangeable
-Argues that inequality is the result of biological di&erences
-Biological determinist arguments are used to justify unequal treatment of women,
the poor,
immigrants, and racialized minorities
-Prejudice and discrimination
-Prejudice: an attitude of dislike or hostility towards an individual based on
membership in a particular
-Discrimination: denial of equal treatment or opportunities based on membership
in a particular group
-Race, racialization, ethnicity
-Race: a category of people who share certain common physical traits deemed to
be socially signicant
-Racialization: term that highlights the social process by which certain groups of
people are singled out
for unequal or discriminating treatment on the basis of physical characteristics
-Ethnicity: socially selected cultural traits of a group of people
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