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POL 208 - Marxism

Politics and Public Administration
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POL 208
Wayne Petrozzi

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colonies provide a way of reducing labour cost
lenin identifies that the relationship betwene the colony and home country is as
home country has no interest in building the colony, rather what economic prospe
rity it can gain from it
-uneven development
-can become a source of conflict for the colony itself
where marxism tends to be narrow: its overwhelming emphasis on economic factors
-you would then assume the only conflict that exists is economic..which
is narrow
Also, underestimates the extent to which political forces such as nationalism ca
n exert powerful influences and guide state behaviour
-there is a narrowness to it
marxism identifies 3 issues:
-economic/political implications of uneven growth
johhn maynard keynes--man who saved capitalism
Depression- to little money, to many good
-1 cut taxe - welfare
-2gov't spending-pensions
Too Much money : Too few goods = Increase taxes, decrease spending
almost a severe level of invequality in most countries
reduce the barriers to business, so they can prosper
Issues for each view:
realists: big issue is national security
Liberals: variety of issues, economic and non-economic can be just as important.
Marxist; economic is the most important
Human Need - how to citizens come to see themselves as secure in the state
How do states lose that basic capacity to keep citizens safe
the need or important for order has always existed
plato identified conflict or inability of greeks to trancend their pettiness and
greed is what led them to their demise
Thomas Hobbs (Order & Security): asserts that humans are, "rational, self-intere
sted, inquisitive, etc." human beings
right only exist in individuals, there are only individual rights
the only way to obtain security, is by entering into ??
Security makes everything else possible..vice versa
no point in being free..if being free is in constant warfare with everyone else
to secure that security when we enter into society..we give up all of our power
to a sovereign in return the ruler gives us peace..rulers ends up all powerful
-in the secure world, we can now do as we will...exerice our talents pur
sue our long as we keep the peace
What leads us to transfer our authority to ruler? Desire to pursue our own inter
we've come to call this a liberal society
Locke asserts there is a contract between citizen and gov't
-terms of the contract are:
-gov't provides citizen security of their persons and properrty
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