POL 208 - Communism & Soviet Union

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Published on 12 Oct 2011
Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 208
Feb 18, 2011
In russia, after the fall of communism, everything is blamed on Stalin
New Party insists it will remain a vanguard state
-Duty of public is to stay on hold
In difference, no longer will brute force be used so commonly
In 1950's, Soviet society is doing well in terms of their citizens (high literac
y, etc)
-yet deemed to be too incompetent to rule themselves
-As a citizen you have options, active resistance is lunacy (not in russ
-Other forms of resistance to take
-Tremendous labour shortage; resist by working on your own terms (work w
hen you feel like it; they cant do anything because not enough people to work)
-People started to get bonuses to get people to work harder
-In 1950-70's; 2/3 of societ worker income was in bonuses
-But there was nothing to buy...whats the point of paying someone if the
y dont have anything to spend it on
-"You pretend to pay me, I pretend to work"
-Absenteeism was rampant
-Another problem was public drunkeness..detox centers more common than d
aycares; people would show up drunk for work
-By the 70's; 20% of crop created by agriculture would go bad..farmers w
ouldn't do anything, lazy
Corruption became a major problem
-Mundance corruption; companies hired people solely for the purpose of b
ribing people...Blapmen (Money men)
-Started enforcing anti-corruption drives; never arrested someone signif
Only party members could obtain foreign currency in 70's
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