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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POG 100
Carla Cassidy

Politics Week 2Sept 12 2013Essay outlinedue Sept 24in hard copy in tutorialchoose one textbook chapter tochoose a question to address in essay with a hypothesisidentify which section of the chapteralso two news articles and other type of sources journal article interview filmoutline willbe marked and handed back must be resubmitted with essay on Nov 7 Three fundamental question of politicswho decidesHow are decisions made And in whose interest are they made IdealWho should decide How should decisions be made In whose interest shoulddecisions be made The government plays a role in almost everythingtransportation food nutrition infoelevators taxis growth and development healthcare Two views of politics who gets what pie theorythe greater the demand on limited resources the greaterthe conflict Plato wrote The Republicthe first political booksaid it was about the quest for thebest city political system Some say the way a society is measured by how it treats its weakest memberThe constitution outlines who does whatdivision of jursadictionsets the boundariesof who does what in Canadahas symbolic value In Canada this is the Charter of Rights These fundamental ground rules cannot be easily changedneed an amendingformula formula depends on the change Not all constitutionsparts are writtenlike who does whatBritain does not have awritten constitutionthe only things that are written down in the Canadian charter are those that are different than BritainGovernment structureall governments have levelscentral regional municipal Two ways of division unitaryis a hierarchy with the highest authority central is at the top of a pyramidFederalcentral regional and municipal are side by side and cant really tell eachother what to do Federal central level deals with military monetary immigration Supreme Court sometaxes Regional deals with education health some taxes municipal laws Ontario MunicipalBoard However the central government does exercise a bit of authority by saying if you wantmoney you need to do these thingsSept 19 2013 Week 3 Constitutions did to be written down to hold in courtBranches of government triangleexecutive bureaucratic legislative judicial
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