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Politics and Public Administration
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Joerg Wittenbrinck

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POG Class 3 Globalization --> Liberalization of trade, it is easier to ship things across the oceans now for far cheaper In richer countries, the mass production of cheap products overflows our capacity and those countries send the excess and older technologies to poorer countries where individuals take apart the products typically under hazardous conditions because of all the toxins inside Canada is not a great manufacturing power beyond our auto sector except we share that production with the United States It supplies many high priced natural resources to the world like potash, minerals and metals like diamonds and it has been booming economically and financially Austerity: we need to save money and best way to reduce debt is to decrease spending; social spending, government worker wages get cut but because people are getting less money so they spend less thus decreasing economic activity It is not a state; it is a process where we can distinguish between condition (interconnectedness of the world) and trend (increasing this connection) The world is becoming more Deterritorialzation: territory does not matter as much anymore, technologically driven because trade makes it easy to produce it cheap at one side of the world and ship it cheap and sell it cheap at the other side of the world. New communications technology allows us to communicate over very large distance. --> There are aspects of globalization that we can use to show that it is different today than it was 100 years ago. The extensiveness of networks reaches around very large parts of the world; we connect with other parts of the world on a regular basis instead of just attaining knowledge about a distant country. Dimensions of Globalization --> Economic Globalization: increased trade, emergence of internal corporations that operate in a whole bunch of countries and manage global supply chains that are facilitated by cheaper transport and information technology i.e.) Ireland tax rate so low that corporations migrated their production to gain access to the European markets all the while avoiding paying tax income Global Civil society: Organizations trying to stop the increasing power of global players. Non- governmental organizations pressure large manufacturing companies to clean up their method of production to be less wasteful, healthy for consumers and producers and to become more eco friendly --> GDP has tripled from 1995-2005 in terms of
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